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Investment portfolio

Whenever you think of making investment, three things should come on top of your mind – Risk Profiling, Products and Asset Allocation.

Insurance Policies

Insurance is an important risk management tool that can protect you and your family from financial hardship caused by unfortunate events

Tax Optimization

Tax planning involves optimizing your wealth creation and protecting your health, life and assets while aligning all these with existing provisions in our tax laws

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a type of investment vehicle consisting of a portfolio of stocks, bonds or other asset classes. Mutual funds give small or individual investors

Wealth Basket

Wealth is an abundance of variable material resources. The meaning of wealth is not straightforward. Wealth is basically a person’s net worth.

Targeted Investment

Making holistic investment choice is always preferred than making random investments. This can be achieved if every investment made is linked


Here are the 3 working steps on success.


Collect data

Your risk profile, past investments, your prefernces and concerns - all are considered here.


Portfolio building

Based on the data collected, schemes in the portfolio are decided. Asset allocation principle is also considered.


Portfolio review

Depending on nature of portfolio, review frequency and date is decided. Re-balancing of portfolio can happen here, if necessary.

Client Testimonial

An honest , value based and goal based financial planning firm which aims to uplift the financial position of a family by guiding them in professional

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